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James Beane and Son Joshua-300x225How do you know when to call in a Carpet Cleaning Pro for your household cleaning needs, or for the disasters that happen in your home? Take time on our website to find out how much you can do yourself, the tools you’ll need, and would it pay to own or rent the proper carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment for yourself.


Why choose

Hello, as the owner of Cleaner Carpets and Upholstery, I have over 20 years of experience in the world of carpeting. I began my journey back in the early 1980’s installing and repairing carpets, and eventually moved on to cleaning carpets, upholstery, area rugs, oriental rugs, and tile.

I’ve always been very detail oriented, and want to help you as a homeowner or business to achieve the results you are looking for. I can help you to get the most out of your home carpet cleaner or vacuum, a store rental carpet cleaner, or I can help you find the best carpet cleaning company in your area

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With a service area that reaches nearly all of Siskiyou County, Ca. , fast drying , bright,  clean, and fluffy carpets in your home are right around the corner. If you have a home or business property in Yreka Ca, or anywhere from the Oregon border area south to Mount Shasta, I’d be happy to clean your carpets with our carpet cleaning system.

How can this website help you?

  • Your carpets and rugs need help, and you need them cleaned, repaired, or replaced.
  • You want to know how to choose a carpet cleaner
  • You want to know how to clean them yourself
  • A great source of information for your new carpet and oriental rug needs, I want you to be able to purchase new rugs with confidence.
  • I want to be sure, the next time you need a new vacuum cleaner, that you don’t get sucked into an expensive vacuum, void of any real value.

How do I know I can trust this site?

I am committed to pointing out the scams of Bucktooth Bucky and Loose Pants Louie, who show up at your home or business all because you got taken in by their $29.95 cleaning coupon.

You know the ad I’m referring to,” We’ll clean any 3 rooms of carpeting for $29.95″ that came in the mail. Then Bucky and his accomplice show up to take advantage of you and strong arm sell you into more than you wanted.

I hate those guys! They ruin the reputation of all the hard working, ethical, and honest carpet cleaning companies out there. They make every carpet cleaner a suspect. I want to put an end to scam artists and ripoff artists.

No thinking person could believe that several hours of carpet cleaning could be performed for only $29.00. Even a rental machine from the Do it Yourself place will cost at least 50.00 a day. The cost of fuel, driving time, insurance, and labor added up means no reputable company could stay in business offering 3 rooms for $29.00.

What should you expect from a reputable company?

A reputable company will want to gain your trust by earning it. I want you to be able to hire a company that stands behind it’s work. A good company will offer a great guarantee, clean and well groomed technicians, and will inform you up front and before the work begins what to expect and what the costs are.

You’ll want to visit my pages on cleaning services  offered, and the standards to which they should be performed. If you’ve ever fallen for one of those ads that seem too good to be true, (because they were), you’ll want to read on.

Should I clean the carpet myself?

Cleaning carpet and upholstery can be hard work. You can rent a machine or use a home unit, but you’ll find what you need to know on this site, and how to pick the best cleaning chemicals and detergents to get the job done while preserving the life, luster, and look of your fine furnishings.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Carpet ?

You’ll find the know how to clean your own rugs, chairs, sofas, carpets, and leather furnishings. We’ll let you know how to clean your wood floors and cabinets to make them shine again.

Look into our stain guide for how to remove red wine stains, plant stains, KoolAid spots, grease, oil, lipstick, crayon, and more. If there’s a spot we haven’t listed yet, be sure to contact me and I’ll let you know if there is a method that might remove your spot.

If after considering the options, and you find that carpet and upholstery cleaning won’t help, what kinds of carpets and fabrics should you choose for your home? Or, how about when a fire or flood have devastated your furniture and flooring? Before the water damage restoration crews have gone, you may be looking at new oriental rugs, hard floors, carpet, tile, and new furniture.

We want you to either be able to do the job yourself, or to know how to hire the proper professional. With over 60,000 cleaning companies in the USA alone, the task can be overwhelming.

As a business owner and Cleaning Professional, I wanted to build a website with the best interests of you, the consumer, in mind. I’ve built, own, and operate a high quality service to clean carpets and furniture for homes and businesses like yours.

James Beane, Owner
your local Siskiyou County carpet cleaner

Are You In Need of a Carpet Cleaner in Northern California?

I want to be sure you have the best and most accurate information available, and because no matter which rug cleaning method or company you choose, you deserve to get accurate info without sales hype and misinformation.

I look forward to helping you with all of your home and business cleaning needs and tools.

Would you like to stay up to date and get free cleaning tips every few weeks? I’d love to send you a copy of our newsletter.

Thanks for joining us!

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