Yreka Carpet Cleaning

Yreka carpet cleaning services all typically offer the same sort of service. The most common method used in Yreka to clean carpets and upholstery is a truck mounted or portable hot water extraction system.

Generally recognized as one of the best methods for carpet cleaning, it is not the only method that provides superior results in a deep cleaning of the entire fiber surface.

The best carpet cleaner in the city of Yreka, California combines hot water extraction with a gentle pre-agitation, which cleans your carpets gently with rapid agitation to provide the deepest cleaning possible for your home or business.

In fact, because the cleaning process works so well at bringing up deeply embedded in soils and dirt, we may need to vacuum your carpets a second time after finishing the cleaning process.


How is Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Better Than Other Carpet Cleaners?

Hot water extraction has been available for about 35 years, and is a great way to clean carpet. We will at times use hot water extraction alone as the best cleaning method under the right circumstances.

Clients have related tales of wet carpets and humidity fogging the windows for days after their carpets were cleaned. Since we make every attempt to use as little moisture as possible, the high humidity, mold, and mildew associated with steam cleaned carpet is eliminated.


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Take a look at what Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery can do for your carpets, in your home or business.

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