Vacuum Repair

Do You Need A Vacuum Repair?

Your vacuum needs repairs, but where do you go to get it fixed. Is the corner Sew and Vac always the best place to go or should you send it to the factory? Every vacuum manufacturer has it’s own recommendations so I’ll try to help you sort it out by company for you.

If you have it handy, pull out your vacuum warranty information. Taking your vacuum in to just anywhere to get it fixed may void your warranty, and that cheap repair job may cost you the price of a new vacuum.

It doesn’t matter if its a commercial vacuum, an industrial vacuum cleaner, or a simple consumer or household vacuum cleaner. Make sure your local dealer is certified to repair and sell your brand of vacuum.


Ready? Here we go. I’ll cover the top four brands.

Kirby Vacuum Repair– A fellow named Jim Kirby developed his first vacuum in 1906, using water to separate the dirt from the carpets. The first dry vacuum he created was the “Ezee” which was a bellows system. The housewife would pump a bellows attached to the back of the vacuum manually. The Ezee vacuum was first made in 1914

vacuum repair

Sent to the trash, is it time for a new vacuum, instead of a vacuum repair? This one has seen better days.

The first vacuum to bear the Kirby name was the Kirby model 1C introduced in 1934. Since then there have been hundreds of model changes, and only a short break in production during World War 2. The latest model is the Kirby Sentria II

Kirby vacuum has lots of experience and knowledge behind their products, and when you use genuine Kirby parts you’ll maintain your warranty and retain your peace of mind that your Kirby vacuum will continue to run at optimum performance for years to come. Their parts continuously tested for quality assurance and the brush rollers are made of hardwood rather than plastic to minimize vibrations and increase the longevity of the vacuum.

Why take your Kirby to a factory authorized repair center, or ship it back to the Kirby factory for your vacuum repair? Besides guaranteeing that your warranty will still be in place after the repair, Kirby may be the only company kirby vacuumthat wants your vacuum to last a lifetime.

Kirby is unique in their “Kirby Rebuild Agreement”. For as long as you own your Kirby vacuum, you can choose to have your vacuum rebuilt to “like new condition” .

Kirby will completely disassemble and clean, repair, and replace any worn out parts. Kirby will also sandblast, polish, and buff the metal parts back to a shiny new appearance.

From the inside out your Kirby vacuum will be examined and inspected, and then repaired to factory specifications, so you know that it will work like a brand new machine, and at its peak performance.

Contact Kirby By Phone

United States and Canada:
Monday – Friday
9a.m. –5:00 p.m. (EST)

Contact for Kirby Parts,
Supplies or Technical Assistance:

United States or Canada:
Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. (EST)
9 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)

United Kingdom:

Europe: 00-800-5472-9272
South Africa: 0800-203-222
Russia: 7800500 51 46
Russia: 7495374 72 82
Australia: 1-800-781-556

Contact Kirby By Fax

United States and Canada:

Contact Kirby By Mail

Consumer Relations Department
The Kirby Company
1920 West 114th Street
Cleveland, OH 44102

Hoover Vacuum Repair – Many consumers might be surprised to learn that unless you’ve purchased your Hoover vacuum from an Authorized Hoover Dealer, Hoover will not honor the warranty! That goes for any Hoover labelled products that have been purchased from an unauthorized dealer.

Hoover has been careful to select it’s professional network of dealers and service centers. Because they have a well known brand name unauthorized dealers have been found offering fake, stolen, and re-manufactured items and selling them as “new”.


In order to maintain their good name, and assure you of the high standards of Hoover reliability,quality, and excellence, the company wants to protect everyone by selling their products and providing warranties, service, and vacuum repair only through authorized dealers.

Contact Hoover


TTI Floor Care North America
7005 Cochran Road
Glenwillow, OH 44139


(800) 944-9200
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST

Electrolux Vacuum Repair – Electrolux offers a two year warranty on vacuum repairs. It covers only the original purchaser and their immediate household. It does not cover obvious items like disposable vacuum bags, light bulbs, vacuum belts, light bulbs, filters, or regular cleaning. Some parts, that one might expect to be covered for two years as well include the fans, Brush roll bristles, or impellers.

Eletrolux will however repair or replace any defective parts covered by the warranty, or any vacuum cleaner that is covered by its warranty.

Again, in order to maintain your vacuum warranty, you’ll want to have it serviced only at an Electrolux Authorized Warranty Station. You can call them toll free in the USA at 800-896-9756.

Miele Vacuum Repair – Like other vacuum manufacturers, Miele too is concerned about the proper repair and care of you vacuum. In an effort to protect the consumers, Miele would like to encourage its customers to seek out properly trained and certified repair centers.

In order to guarantee that your machine is a genuine Miele vacuum, the company will not warrant or guarantee any Miele appliance that has been bought anywhere except an Authorized Miele Dealer. You’ll want your Miele vacuum repair done only through an authorized repair shop because Miele won’t assume any liability for personal injury or property damage from the use of machines or parts not purchased from an authorized dealer. Basically, if you get your machine, repairs, or parts anywhere else, you do so at your own risk.