Moving Furniture during your carpet and upholstery cleaning

Moving Furniture should be free
….within reason.

When moving furniture, how much furniture should your carpet cleaner move before there is a charge for furniture? It depends, but these days, clients aren’t always getting everything they should expect to receive.

“The Customer is always right…” seems to be a forgotten phrase in the corporate world and modern business. Clients have been right for years, but there are companies that want you to believe you are being overbearing and unreasonable when you ask them to move furniture.

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company will inform the clients before the job begins, preferably over the phone and in writhing at the time of the price quote, what types of furniture will be moved and what furniture will not be moved, under the standard price for cleaning.


furniture450pxReasonable furniture moving expectations

A client is being unreasonable if they ask a cleaner to move furnishings that are too heavy, awkward, costly, or delicate to move. For instance, china cabinets and/or fine chine, entertainment centers

Anything that has a high replacement value should remain under the control of the owner, so please do not ask your cleaner to move any electronics, breakables, irreplaceable, fragile or easily damaged items, or anything you cannot have easily replaced. If you request the items be moved, provide a written release of liability to the cleaning team.

When your carpet cleaning professional shows up at the front door, coming in to provide a quote for your cleaning services, an agreement on how much furniture needs to be moved should be reached. Obviously, you can’t expect him or her to move everything that the furniture moving company might do, however you can expect some smaller items to be moved.

Moving heavy furniture should be left to professional furniture moving companies, or the homeowner. What is reasonable to expect of your carpet cleaner moving furniture, is that he will move six to 10 pieces of furniture in a large room, and perhaps three to five pieces in a bedroom.

You shouldn’t expect your carpet cleaner to also act as a maid service. If you are having them move your bed, strip the covers and clear out everything from underneath, but do not place those items on the bed, that mattress probably needs to come off in order to safely clean under the bed.

Honest furniture moving in practice

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner wants to help you get every possible inch of carpet cleaned, but just as there are dishonest cleaners, there are also unscrupulous individuals who would seek to not only receive free cleaning services, but find a way to gain financially from an incident. While moving furniture should be expected, there are certain precautions to take.

A man I knew was asked by a homeowner to move her video tape machine across the room. He replied that it was against company policy, and could not move the electronics in her home, she would need to do it herself.

She pestered him and ridiculed him until he moved the VCR, and before he was a mile away, she was calling the office to report her VCR was broken, and the company eventually paid $350 to replace the tape player. Never asked to carpet cleaner to move your china cabinet when it’s loaded with China. Two-piece china cabinets should be moved by the homeowner, because the carpet cleaners can not be held liable for broken china or damage to over sized two-piece units.

Don’t ask carpet cleaning service to move your electronics or entertainment center when it’s loaded with electronics. For heavier items like sofas there are furniture moving disks and furniture sliders moving men will use.

Another handy tool that’s come out recently is called a sofa jack, and it easily list the end of the sofa so you’re cleaner can vacuum and clean underneath effortlessly, placing the sofa back down on furniture tabs made of plastic or coated paper squares.

How can you get ready for your carpet cleaner?

living-room-450pxIn order to best prepare for your carpet cleaner and moving furniture, start with small items like photographs, knickknacks, small table lamps, or other small items, and remove them off of any smaller tables or pieces of furniture that you are having a carpet cleaners move for you.

Pick up the floor. Pick up any loose pieces of toys or games, any magazines or newspapers, and clothing articles of any sort. Small rug should be rolled up, and if you are having them cleaned or taken out to be cleaned place them near the door where the cleaner can easily get to them.

If you are having your carpet cleaner move absolutely everything in a room you can expect an additional charge. The going rate runs anywhere from as low as five or $10, up to 30 or even $50 for it for a large room.

The biggest thing to remember is that you and your carpet cleaning professionals reach an agreement before cleaning starts on the items to be moved and any charges if appropriate. When both are you understand each others expectations it should make for an easy and pleasant cleaning experience for both of you, without some of the hassles associated with moving furniture during cleanings.

Besides moving furniture, what else can you expect from the best carpet cleaners?

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