Customer Service Guarantee for Carpet Cleaning

A Written Customer Service Guarantee.

A customer service guarantee is important for both the client and the cleaner. A customer service guarantee covers workmanship, and spells out the remedies for a clients dissatisfaction.A Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner will provide you with a written customer service guarantee.

My cleaning business,in Chico, California, had a simple and straightforward service guarantee. Besides the written guarantee, a trained professional will note pre-existing conditions and damages during the carpet audit, taking notice of conditions beyond his control.

Sample Customer Service Guarantee

A guarantee doesn’t need to be complicated, in fact, the simpler the better. For example, my guarantee was just 4 sentences long. It simply stated


I guarantee every job 100%.
This means you hire our services without risk.
If you aren’t pleased, I’ll re-clean it for free.
If you’re still unhappy, I’ll refund every cent!

I could offer that guarantee and stand behind it, because I knew that I was providing the kind of service that clients deserve. Try to get that sort of service from a major retail outlet. It just isn’t likely to happen anywhere.

A reputable company knows its limitations.

Were there jobs I just wouldn’t take? You bet! Not too often, only two or three times a year, but if a job was beyond repair, or above my skill level, I wanted to be able to retain a good name, and a possible future client. One of those customers I recall clearly was a pet damage job.

I ran a small one man company, so there were jobs I would refuse, where a larger company might have been able to take on the risks and labor required to complete a difficult job.

The client called asking for a quote, so I stopped by and found a house and carpet literally destroyed by cats. They had housed 30 or 40 cats in their home, and the cats had sprayed the walls, furniture, floors, and everything else imaginable. The damage was in the tens of thousands of dollars, and much of the damage irreparable.

The carpets were thick wool wall to wall carpets, and the only real option was to pull them out and have them washed in a wash plant, the furniture would have to be moved out, the carpets pulled, the floor cleaned, deodorized, and sealed, and the carpets reinstalled.

The furniture would either need to be cleaned or replaced, many of the pieces were antiques. The walls would all need to be cleaned, deodorized and repainted. The entire house was ruined, and the stench and health risks were unbearable.

What’s reasonable? What to expect from a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Give a company a chance to make amends. All of us have had a bad day, and a professional cleaning company will make every attempt to make a client completely satisfied with the job performed.

Over the years, I have only had to re-clean two carpet cleaning jobs out of thousands. The guarantee that I would re-clean it or refund every cent protected you, the client ,and my company. I never had to return anyone’s money, and I made every effort to ensure the customers complete satisfaction with every aspect of the job.

When hiring a carpet cleaner, you deserve the peace of mind that the worst thing that you can ever say about that cleaner, is that he returned every cent you paid to him, because the job was not completed as you expected.

I’d love to answer your customer service guarantee questions, you can find me here

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