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The Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery carpet cleaning disclaimer

I have this carpet cleaning disclaimer because of the state the world has come to. These days, a disclaimer is needed for just about everything. It seems that people want to get something for nothing, or they fail to take responsibility for their actions. Many have come to think of life in terms of entitlements.

While every precaution is taken to insure that the information given on this website is accurate and true, some procedures may be risky for an average consumer or business owner. Because of this, any repairs, spotting, cleaning or stain removal procedures or techniques discussed on this website should be performed only by a professional.

The danger of misusing this website or its information

The dangers and consequences of using these instructions or procedures as a homeowner or business person, rather than a professional range from inconsequential to severe danger to life, limb, and property. Because of this, we provide this information to you as just that. Information. Some professional chemicals can cause burns, skin, eye, bone, or lung damage if used improperly, so if in doubt call a professional out.

The good carpet and upholstery cleaners charge a lot because they are insured, educated, and are cautious to protect everyone concerned. Their equipment, education, insurance, and chemicals have not come cheap, and some have spent more on their education, resources, and equipment than you or I have spent on a college education. That’s why they charge so much, even though some customers have commented shouldn’t cost so much because “It’s only a little soap and water”.

The costs behind “a little soap and water”

It may be a little soap and water going down on your carpet, but it’s years of education, and perhaps $15,000-$120,000 of equipment sitting in your driveway. Besides that add in business or insurance expenses that can add up to several thousands dollars per month most likely. You can be sure that an educated professional is well worth your investment in the peace of mind and protection that he brings to your home or business, and the life of your floors and furnishings.

Carpets, Flooring, and Upholstery are often the third most expensive combined investments in your home. You want to protect them. You want them to last a lifetime if possible. This website is designed to help you get the best value and the longest life out of that investment, and that’s the reason for this lengthy carpet cleaning disclaimer.

Use this site at your own risk

If you should decide to follow any of the instructions or procedures as a non-professional cleaner, be advised that you do so at your own risk. This website assumes no liability for any actions taken by you or anyone else who might use the information to remove a spot, spill, stain, or other blemish from any of your properties floors, furnishings, walls, or belongings of any kind.

I have tried to make this carpet cleaning disclaimer as clear as possible, that any information you use from this website is used at your own risk. I am not responsible for your actions or use of the information.

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