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Send me your questions about carpet cleaning. Hopefully you’ll find the answers to your concerns, and if not, write and I’ll be happy to take the time to try and solve or answer your needs.


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Date:  21 Nov 2008, 12:07:33 PM Subject: Carpet Filtration Soil Question

I recently purchased a home that has soil filtration along the edges of the carpet.  When I had the home inspected, the inspector said that
1) the furnace filter was never changed in years and was the wrong size, and
2) and that the carpet could be cleaned.

Well, I had the carpets cleaned and needless to say, it did not come clean.

My question is:
Do you believe that by them not changing the filter the furnace caused the lines and do we a a law suit against either the inspector or the sellers for not disclosing the information.   Thanks,




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First of all, thanks for stopping by my website, it should keep on growing larger and fill up with all sorts of cleaning tips and ideas, so be sure to check back once in a while.

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About Filtration Soils

As far as your questions about the filtration soil, having the carpets cleaned alone may not be sufficient if the technician did not take the time to clean the filtration lines. This would have been an added service, since it is very time consuming.

The Cost

The going rate for filtration line removal is about $1.00 per linear foot. You might be able to find a company that would be willing to test a small section to see if it can be removed. Some companies will do this service as a courtesy during a quote.

Find A Cleaner

When looking for a company, be sure to find either a carpet cleaner that follows IICRC recommendations for cleaning, or an IICRC Certified firm ,( and even better for difficult situations is to find a certified Master Cleaner).

There is a list of Certified Cleaners at the IICRC Web Site. You can search for a firm by zip code, and by services offered.

I Am Not An Attorney

You’ll have to seek the counsel of an attorney for legal advice. I am not an attorney.

What Caused The Lines?

As far as not changing the filter, the normal fiberglass thread filters do very little to filter out filtration soils. Filtration soils can happen in nearly any home, regardless of the frequency of filter changes.

It is the particulates in the air, that rise and fall, and pass through air spaces along baseboards, electrical plate gaps on walls, under the fringes of curtains where the air rises and falls and passes through the carpets at the base of the curtains, and under doorways.

The particulates can come from outside from exhaust fumes, smoke, smog, or inside from cigarettes, fireplaces, candles, or the least likely occurrence, a faulty heater. If you suspect the heater, you should have it inspected because of health concerns that could arise.

Thanks again,
James Beane
Fort Jones, Ca

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Thanks again for your questions about carpet cleaning and spotting.

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