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White Glue Removal

So what’s the secret to white glue removal? If you have children, or do any sort of crafts at home that require white glue, then you most likely have at least one or two spots in your carpet or upholstery that need to be taken out.

White glue can be softened up a bit with hot water, but water alone rarely removes the glue. In my carpet cleaning experience, the sparkly glue that is so popular is extremely annoying to most homeowners and teachers.

Until recently, unless you were a professional cleaner, you couldn’t purchase the same spot and stain removers your carpet cleaning professional used, or if you were able to, you had to purchase quatities that a homeowner might have trouble using up in a decade.


whiteglueSo, what will you need ?

HomePro Spot and Stain Remover is the same carpet and upholstery stain remover that I have used for years, but purchased under a different label. The manufacturer is the same, but the product has been packaged in consumer sized portions


White Glue Removal

  1. Generously apply the spotting solution to the glue spot on your carpet, place a damp terry cloth towel on the spot, and then leave it alone for 5-15 minutes.
  2. Check the spot every 5 to 10 minutes to see if the glue has softened enough to gently scrape away the glue. If the glue is not coming off easily, allow another 5-15 minutes. Continue checking the spot until the glue is easy to scrape off without pulling out any carpet fibers.
  3. After sufficient dwell time, the glue should come out of the carpet, unless the spot is not white glue.

The spotting solution helps to break down the glue bond, and helps to soften the glue enough to allow you to gently agitate the fibers that have been glued. You’ll use the specially designed handle of your HandiGroom or WhizGroom brush to gently scrape away the excess glue.

The reason for using a professional carpet and upholstery spotter is to prevent sticky cleaning residues or soapy films which can attract dirt and soils.

You can get the brushes and the HomePro Spot and Stain Remover for white glue removal by clicking here.

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