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Stain Removal Help, Is It Worth The Cost?

Help From Your
Carpet Cleaning Professional


Sometimes carpets need a little stain removal help, and sometimes it’s a major undertaking. Some stains, odors, and spots can be very time consuming to remove, and some of the treatment that cleaners need to use in removing the stains are costly.

Because carpet stain removers that were designed for the professional to use can cause as many problems as they solve, there are some that are better off reserved solely for professional use.

Among the problems that can be created are the voiding of carpet warranties from misuse, permanent bleaching or discoloration, as well as certain health risks. A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner will take into consideration those risks and use the appropriate safety measures

Achieving the Once Impossible!


There are some carpet spots and stains, that at one time were considered permanent, but recent innovations in the professional chemicals field have made the impossible take a step backwards.

One of the best in new stain treatments is the removal of many red stains from wine, juice, or cough syrup. These dyes usually meant a new area rug for over the spot. One red wine stain spot can cost as much as forty dollars to remove, but you won’t be tripping over an area rug.


Red Stain Before


Red Stain After









Coffee stain removal can also many times be done quickly, but again, expect a charge for the increased chemical costs. The fact is that your carpet cleaning professional can provide real stain removal help, through the aid of new chemicals and cleaners, but they come at a high cost to the cleaner, and the costs need to be passed on to the clients.

Tough Odors Can Be Taken Care Of Too

Urine stains, and many times pet odors, can be removed. The technology available today in the form of odor eliminating polymers provides instantaneous relief. There are also oxidizer that use an oxygenating compound to foam away odors.

( Ask me about getting the most powerful instantaneous odor remover on the market. It’s a non-toxic odor remover that can take away the odors from ammonia, urine, food, vomit, and even skunks. It’s the perfect thing to have around if you have an incontinent person in your home, a smelly dog or cat kennel, or a smelly diaper pail. I can also help you find professional spotting kits for your own stain removal help)

How Much Does This Kind Of Service Cost?

What can you expect to pay for this sort of stain removal help? Well, the cost can be as low as $30 or $40 per hour, and can run upwards from there depending on the skill of the technician, the chemicals used, and the condition of the carpets undergoing the restoration. Obviously, the greater the number of stains, and the more soiled the carpets, the higher the cost.

Always ask your cleaner for a written quote before they attempt to remove the stains. A realistic expectation can help you decide if the carpets would be better off being replaced, or if the costs are worth your carpet cleaning professionals stain removal help.

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