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Rip-off Carpet Cleaners and Coupon Special Scam Artists Watch Out!

Don’t get taken in by
a rip-off or scam carpet cleaner.

Every year, in nearly every city across the USA, carpet cleaning scam artists are ripping off consumers. I want to be able to help customers avoid these guys like the plague. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

Do you have any stories, either good or bad, funny or sad, about carpet, upholstery, tile, air duct, or leather cleaning services performed in your home? Tell us about it using the form at the bottom of this page. We’d love to share it with the whole world.

Let’s stop the rip-off artists dead!


The following is an example of the kind of story I’m talking about.

It’s a true story.

A carpet cleaner in Lancaster Pennsylvania who has a very good reputation for high quality cleaning related the following story on a carpet cleaners message board.

The carpet cleaner had cleaned carpets in a customer’s home on the first floor level, and left an quote for a future cleaning of the basement. A reputable carpet cleaner can give you a firm price as an estimate or quote, and it will remain valid for a set period of time.

rusty-van The quote for cleaning the carpets on the basement level of this large home, was for $350.00

If a carpet cleaner is willing to give a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee, and performs his work at a satisfactory high quality level, he is worth every penny!

Why would a carpet cleaning cost $350 for just one room? Here’s a video that demonstrates why it might cost so much.

The Coupon “Special”

The husband, although liking the service and attention to detail given on the first floor carpet cleaning services, felt the $350 a little too high. The cleaner left the quote, and assured the homeowners that he would accept the work at that price if they changed their minds.

A month later the wife called the Lancaster Pennsylvania carpet cleaner who had given them the $350 quote, with an interesting story of her own.

She related the tale of how a local franchise company had run a coupon claiming they could clean five rooms for $119.95. She booked the job with the understanding that there would be an additional $30 trip charge to cover the rising fuel expenses.

Feeling that the first quote might be a rip-off, this woman was elated because she had saved a bundle over the $350 estimate, and she just knew that her husband would be happy.

These folks, being in their 70s, had an expectation and level of trust in the franchise company that should have been met. Their experience however, was far from what was advertised.

Getting Setup…in more ways than one

The franchise carpet cleaning company showed up on the scheduled date, and promptly set up their equipment and hoses. The technicians set to work in the basement, and after about 20 minutes of work, climbed the stairs to inform the homeowners of a strange problem.

Then they set up the client for the rip-off. It seems, that there were some unusual marks in the carpet, and she had better come look right away. Both the carpet cleaner that had given the $350 estimate, and the homeowner agree, but the marks were not present in the carpet prior to the cleaning.

The franchise company uses a dry chemical cleaning process, and often employs a specialized rotary cleaning machine developed to work with their dry cleaning process chemicals. If used improperly, this machine can leave burn marks on carpeting.

The dry chemical cleaning company then proceeded to inform the homeowner that they could indeed fix the problem, however, the new price would be over $300, and that she would be required to pay this price, because they had already pre-treated all the carpeting!

Customer Service

In an effort to save $150, this poor woman and her husband were now trapped into paying for inferior service, and for the repair of carpets damaged by the cleaning company that was now charging them for the repair.!

Reluctantly, the homeowners paid with a check at the completion of the job, and then called the rip-off franchise office the following day to complain about the service they had received.

The check had already been cashed, somehow the franchise had no record of any such employees working at that office, and the manager of the cleaning franchise, although it acknowledged that they had indeed cleaned the carpet, reported the paperwork stated pre-existing burn marks from furniture having been slid across the carpeting.

Avoiding the scams and rip-off artists

It pays to have a reputable company with a written guarantee service the carpets in your home. Reputable companies carry the proper insurance, and perform background checks on their employees.

How to find the best carpet cleaner in your town

A little checking into the company and its employees, and of course any references that could be provided, could have helped prevent these scam artists from ripping off this elderly couple. It’s another reason why you should hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner.

If there is a dispute over the quality of the work, a re-cleaning of the carpets, and then if necessary a 100% refund should be provided.

Any company that will stand behind their work in this manner, would rarely if ever have to refund any monies. If any refunds ever took place, the reputation of the company would be preserved, the client would be protected somewhat, because the worst thing that could be said is that they stood behind their guarantee, and they repaired without cost any damages they created. Don’t be the victim of a rip-off.

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