professional cleaning supplies

Use professional cleaning supplies at home and save time, save money, and you’ll clean your home or business faster and safer than ever before!

If you want to save a $65 service call from your carpet cleaner, you’ll especially want to bookmark this page.

I can guarantee you that your best tools for removing stains from carpets and furniture will be the same cleaning solutions I have used for years. I really hope you’ll consider buying the professional cleaning tools and solutions I offer because you never know when or what sort of spots will occur.

Spills and accidents happen all the time.

If you have what you need on hand, a fast reaction time will improve the chances for complete success in removing the spot before it becomes a stain.


Consider these facts

Professional Spotting Kit
  • The HomePro cleaning solutions are the same cleaning supplies used by tens of thousands of carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses all over the USA.How do I know what professional cleaners are using?
    I was a sales consultant in Tempe, Arizona for the company that makes these products and I helped over four hundred companies all over Arizona. There were three other consultants with the company, and they too provided services for another 1200+ companies in Arizona. ( With stores in all 50 states, there are tens of thousands of professional companies using these products!) These are professional cleaning supplies packaged in sizes and dilutions that are safe and convenient for consumers.
  • Professionals know that although some household cleaning solutions will work in a pinch, using solutions designed to work for specific stains while being safe for surfaces and textiles as varied as carpets, granite, tile, linoleum, wood, and stainless steel, and water safe upholstery fabrics will produce superior results.
  • Professional cleaning supplies save time, money, and effort. Often they cost less than trendy store brands and nearly always give amazing results.
  • HomePro Cleaning solutions are designed to work together, without conflicting odors.Have you ever noticed, that some cleaners may smell fine by themselves, but start cleaning a kitchen using PineSol on the Floor, Murphy’s Soap on the woodwork, Ajax in the sink, Windex on the chrome and glass, and you suddenly feel dizzy or sick, and the entire house smells like a janitorial closet.You’ll never have sensory overloads with HomePro. The cleaners have fresh pleasant aromas that won’t conflict with each other.
  • HomePro Cleaning Solutions are proven to work fast and economically. Most come as concentrated cleaners, meaning they cost less than most store brands. For instance, at the time of this article, one quart of General purpose cleaner costs just 1.20. (Compare that to an average of $5.00 for the same amount of any Formula 409 product.)
  • HomePro Cleaning Solutions are safe for you, your home, and the environment. No harsh acids or caustic agents.

Get these professional cleaning supplies into your home or business, protect your health, your carpets and furniture, save some time, save money, and get cleaners that smell great, work fantastic, and get the job done right the first time. Order your HomePro Cleaning Kit right now.

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