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Prespray, pre-treatment, preconditioning your carpets

Why Carpet Prespray or
Preconditioning Should
Never Cost Extra

Is prespray or pretreatment needed for your carpet cleaning job? You shouldn’t even have to ask this question of your carpet cleaning service, it should be a given. There are only a few reasons you shouldn’t ask your cleaner to use a pre-conditioning treatment before cleaning your carpets.

Think of a pre-conditioner in the same way you’d think of doing your laundry. Your carpeting is the largest single piece of fabric in your home, and you walk over it every single day. The children track in every sort of crud on there feet and shoes, the baby crawls on it, and the dog and cat roll around and slobber on it, and in some homes use it as an oversize litter box.

In most homes, at least one room is devoted to entertainment, where food and drink spills can permanently stain the carpet. If you have a fireplace or live in a smoky or smoggy location, the carpet becomes the biggest air filter in your home, trapping the odors, tars and toxins on the fibers.

lucas-and-chair-450pxWhy Are So Many Chemicals and Cleaners Needed to Clean ?

If the carpet was part of your wardrobe, how clean would you want it to be, and what sorts of treatments would you use to clean it? There are several basic items that are essentials in any laundry room, and several additional items for special situations. You want to have a spot treatment, maybe some laundry solvent, a neutral cleaner for wool and delicates, and maybe an enzyme treatment for blood, grass and food stains.

Why would you want to use a pretreatment on your laundry? Because you know that certain stains will come out if you use a spotter or the proper pre-cleaning solution on the stains! Carpet cleaning is no different. That’s why you need to ask your carpet cleaning professional if they use a prespray. When a carpet is pre-treated, soils can be more easily washed away from the carpets, the stains are more likely to be removed, and the carpets will come cleaner.

Watch Out! Rip Off Artists Love Fine Print!

There are ads in the phone book and newspaper that spell out in very small fine print “preconditioning extra” but don’t be taken in. Some companies charge as much for preconditioning as they do for the cleaning itself. You want to ask before the company shows up on the job, “Do you charge for pre-spray or pre-treating the carpets? What do you pre-treat with? If they are merely pre-spraying with water, find another company.

There are several tools that can be used to pretreat the rugs, but the most common are the pump-up sprayer and either an electric sprayer, or a jug with an attached wand that connects to the carpet cleaners machine. Beware of scam artists who use their cleaning wand to prespray with the same solution that they’ll be using for cleaning.

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