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A pre-inspection by a Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

A Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner will perform a pre-inspection carpet audit.

A professional carpet cleaner will perform a pre-inspection or carpet audit of the entire areas to be cleaned. Giving a carpet audit is far more professional than giving a carpet estimate. Here’s why.

A carpet audit gives the customer or client an opportunity to explain exactly how they would like a room cleaned, specific problem areas, and an explanation of the various spots and stains and marks in the carpeting. This is also an opportunity for the carpet cleaner to make note of any imperfections, payers, or permanent stains that they cannot be held accountable for.


How Healthy is Your Carpet?

A carpet audit or pre-inspection is really more of a pre-quote.

When a carpet cleaner performs an audit, often times he can give a client an estimate on how much longer their carpeting will last with the current cleaning schedule, wear and tear, and expected the fiber life.

For instance, I’ve seen brand-new carpeting that has been destroyed in under a year by abuse, neglect, and a complete lack of maintenance or care. I’ve cleaned a lot of college rentals over the years, and I’ve seen them in every imaginable state.


Why not quote a price over the phone?


One client had recently installed a brand-new plush carpeting in one of his rental units, and the students spilled every imaginable beverage and food on the floor and over the course of six months. It was cheaper to replace the carpeting and then to spend the necessary hours of stain and spot removal. There were literally thousands of dollars worth of stains to remove, and many more permanent stains that were unlikely to ever be removed.


Besides the walk-through where carpet problems and unwanted stains can be discussed, and the estimate of a carpets “wear age”, the third thing a carpet audit will do is determine if the carpeting is in good health.

Determining the “wear age” of a carpet gives a clear picture if how to establish a reasonable maintenance and cleaning schedule and extend or maximize the lifetime of the carpeting.



The Air Filter You Never Think of and Probably Don’t Get Cleaned Often Enough

Carpeting is the largest single air filter in any building. Carpets become the final resting place for dirt and pollutants from the outside, including nearly everything you’ve walked on, in, or through. A typical carpet will contain traces of car exhaust, cigarette smoke, asphalt, various chemicals, germs and dust, pollen, not to mention sticky remains of gum and candy, or the droppings of various birds and animals. Yuck!

Removing the offending substances is critical to having a healthy carpet and a healthy home. This is just one more reason to have an approved a vacuum cleaner. Look for the best vacuum possible with HEPA filtration, and either a solid canister that can be dumped or replaceable filter bags. Vacuum cleaning bags are sometimes now made with high filtration capabilities.


Analyzing High Traffic Areas of your Home

crowdThe fourth thing carpet audit or pre-inspection will do for you is to explain why your traffic areas may or may not return to their pristine brand-new condition.

Traffic areas get walked on constantly and visibly look more worn and dirtier in nearly every householder business. A homeowner can keep their carpet looking cleaner longer by vacuuming the high-traffic areas on a daily basis.

A great carpet cleaner can explain to the customer or client how they can make the traffic areas look as good as the rest of the carpet or least how they can come close.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Finally, the fifth reason a carpet audit or pre-inspection is important, is because after analyzing a carpet, and having a complete written report of the carpets condition, problems, and maintenance schedule, a carpet cleaner can outline the services they can provide.

A carpet cleaning audit or pre-inspection will clearly outline “the why” of the costs involved in restoring your carpets health and beauty, and a specific quotation of how much each of those items might cost. Both the customer and the carpet cleaner can benefit from this.


You can view a sample carpet audit or pre-inspection sheet here.

In my experience, there are very few clients anywhere who have received a carpet audit from their “professional” carpet cleaner. It is time for this dis-service to stop.

Both the client and the cleaner need a complete understanding and education in the needs of each individual household or business in order to do the very best possible job.

invoice-450pxYou can change the face of carpet cleaning, and help weed out the irresponsible and uneducated cleaners. You can improve the industry for yourself and all of the professionals in the carpet and upholstery cleaning business. Think of it, you’ll be helping to clean-up an industry plagued by scam artists and rip-offs propagated by less than savory characters. Thank you!

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