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Outdoor Carpet and Rugs

Are you looking at purchasing outdoor carpet and rugs? If so you’ll want to keep in mind the basic facts about outdoor carpeting, and take into consideration whether to install it yourself, or find someone else to install outdoor carpet for you. It can make your new carpet purchase much easier.

There is basically one main type of outdoor carpet, because most carpet fibers cannot stand up to the elements outside.

Nearly all outdoor carpets are constructed with olefin fibers, also known as polypropylene. It’s the same stuff that sandbags and course “plastic” ropes are made from, and it is extremely durable and stain resistant.

The one drawback to nearly all outdoor carpet rugs is there affinity for grease and oil based stains. The olefin fibers have microscopic pores that are the exact shape and size for oil and grease molecules to grab hold of. The good news is that olefin can be cleaned with powerful degreasers that can strip out all or most of the oil and grease.

With that in mind, really we are discussing carpet styles, versus carpet types for your outdoor carpet needs. I’ll try to cover the basic styles in brief for you.

Outdoor Grass Carpet

Outdoor Grass carpet is what used to be known solely as “Astroturf”. The original stuff for homeowners and businesses was either brutally stiff and hard on your feet, or thin, weak, and flimsy material that would only last a few seasons before needing to be replaced. Outdoor carpet grass has come a long way since then.

Carpet grass now comes in a huge array of colors and styles. You can find grass that looks and feels almost alive, and you can find grass carpet in nearly any color you can imagine, even black, pink, or turquoise. The selection of outdoor carpet and rugs can broaden your creative side.

Outdoor grass carpet is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive for most home applications. It’s an inexpensive way to dress up your front step, porch, or backyard decking and pool area. It can also provide a non-slip surface to help prevent accidents.


Marine Outdoor Carpet

Boats and Docks present special needs for carpet, because they are exposed to weather extremes, including sun, salt, rain, snow, and ice.

Unless a more durable carpet is chosen, your investment can rapidly wear down into an ugly liability, costing you not only yearly replacements, but , unless properly maintained and installed, a possible health hazard from loose carpet and tears.

Buying outdoor carpet and rugs specifically designed for a marine application will save you time and money with fewer headaches overall.

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