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Nail Polish Stain Removal

What’s the best home remedy for nail polish stain removal? This page may be the help your looking for. It can happen to nearly anyone.

One of the most meticulous and careful clients I’ve ever known had her two year old daughter pour burgundy nail polish on a very white plush carpet, and then walk through the puddle, across the room, and out the door, all while leaving a trail of purple footprints behind.

I managed to remove all except a 4-6 inch spot of light burgundy coloring, which then required a small carpet patch.

As with all of these carpet spot and stain removal tips, you’ll either need to get or have on hand a few basic tools and spotters to get this tough one out. Remember too, that you may not be completely successful, so be prepared to call on your local professional carpet cleaner.


footprintsHere’s what you will need.

  • Nail Polish Remover, the non-oily type.
  • Cotton Swabs (Q-tip type are fine)
  • Home Pro Spot & Stain Remover
  • Terry Cloth or Paper Towels

Nail Polish Stain Removal at home is a pretty basic procedure as far as what the homeowner can do. The Home Pro Spot & Stain Remover solution is the same general spotter sold to professional carpet cleaners, but packaged ready to use for the consumer.

  1. Apply Nail Polish Remover using the cotton swabs. You’ll want to remove the softened nail polish with the towels, pushing the nail polish gently towards the center of the spill. Try to keep the spot in one place, because spreading it will only make it worse.
  2. Be sure to use the swabs to apply the remover. If you pour nail polish remover directly on the carpet, you can permanently damage the carpet backing by dissolving the latex bond.
  3. Keep repeating the procedure until you have removed the nail polish one layer at a time. Take your time. Trying to be quick is a recipe for disaster, and your haste may spread the stain or damage the carpet with over applying the nail polish remover.
  4. When you have finished the nail polish stain removal steps above, apply some of your Home Pro Spotter to the area, and then blot the excess spotter with a water dampened towel. ( don’t scrub or rub)

That’ s it. If the nail polish stain removal didn’t get everything out, call your professional carpet cleaner and have him either remove the stain or patch it for you. You can order a home cleaning kit with everything you need to clean your kitchen, granite counter tops, wood floors and furnishings, walls, floors, windows, and of course the bathroom and toilet. The Home Cleaning Essentials kit will help with more than just nail polish stain removal.

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