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Mount Shasta Carpet Cleaner


Cleaner Carpets is the best Mount Shasta Carpet Cleaner available, because your carpets are gently deep cleaned with green or natural cleaning solutions.

The owner of Cleaner Carpets, James Beane, has twenty five years of carpet cleaning experience, including a previous business in Chico, Ca. , and over 20 years of total experience installing, repairing, and re-stretching carpets. He now lives in the Scott Valley town of Fort Jones.

If you own a home, business, or rental property in Mount Shasta, and you’ve ever had your carpets steam cleaned, they can stay wet for days! The best Mt Shasta carpet cleaning companies know that your carpets will take a few hours to dry with steam cleaning. It could take a lot longer, but it all depends on the weather, humidity, and the type of carpet being cleaned.


Are You Looking For a Yreka Area or Mount Shasta Carpet Cleaner?

Are you in a hurry for dry carpets? That’s why we’ve introduced the only low moisture carpet cleaning service in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Clean, fresh carpets, dry in an hour or less in most cases. We recommend hot water extraction for a better, deeper cleaning, but for a quick freshening up when your in a hurry, nothings better.

Your carpets can be treated to organic non-toxic and virtually odorless cleaning that’s enviJames Beane and Son Joshua-300x225ronmentally friendly as well. Cleaner Carpets is the only Mt Shasta carpet cleaner to offer this as a normal part of their service.

The cleaning products are naturally developed cleaning solutions, giving you the peace of mind that your children and pets will be safe, and that “green cleaning ” practices are being used to contribute to a healthier environment indoors and out.

Ewww! What’s That Smell?

If you’ve ever walked into a room and smelled that musty humid odor that develops after a carpet has been over wet by steam cleaning, it probably left you feeling a little sickened. Just the smell alone makes the place feel dingy, and maybe a little less than desirable. Using a low moisture system, or our pine oil based cleaners can totally eliminate odors, both good and bad.

Carpets that have been over-soaked in the cleaning process can develop mold, mildew, and fungus problems, and when they develop, so do the odors. Those microbes, molds, and fungi can off gas Volatile Organic compounds that can make you really ill, and contribute to asthma attacks, and flu or flu-like symptoms.

If you already have mold, mildew, or a musty odor, besides calling in a reputable mold remediation company, I recommend the SafeTAir product. It’s a non-toxic tea tree oil based gel that helps to control mold, mildew, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that cause odors and illnesses. You can find SafeTair at

How Is The Low Moisture Orbital Pad System Different?

No other Mount Shasta carpet cleaner is using the unique Orbital Pad System to gently and thoroughly massage the carpets fibers into releasing the deeply embedded soils. After a thorough pre-vacuuming, lightly soiled carpets can be cleaned using the unique low moisture method. If heavily soiled though, using the orbital pad system and a hot water extraction combination is recommended.

The oscillating cleaning head makes nearly 1800 oscillations per minute. The thousands of random, short strokes per minute cause the dirt and debris that are embedded between the fibers to be vibrated and lifted to the surface, and into the absorbent pads.

Any large particles that rise to the surface during cleaning are vacuumed away in a second vacuuming process.

Until now, the only choices for Mount Shasta carpet cleaning were either the Chemical Dry method or Hot Water Steam Cleaning.

The Orbital Pad System was designed to support a healthy indoor environment, and minimize the health risks associated with cleaning methods that contribute to the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. It’s a choice you’ve never had when choosing a Mount Shasta carpet cleaner, a natural choice!

A unique method, the low moisture orbital pad system uses 50 to 100 times less water than steam cleaners, so your carpets will never have the opportunity to be soaked. Schools, businesses, hotels and motels, and many other commercial buildings don’t have the time to wait for the carpets to dry, or to block off large sections of their businesses for hours or days while the over wet carpets are dried out, often with noisy air movers for hours on end.

Longer dry times can jeopardize health, contribute to allergies and respiratory illnesses. When walking from a wet carpet to a dry floor or tiled surface, serious falls and slips can occur. Wet carpets, or carpets with residue from cleaning agents can re-soil quickly. Why waste money on wet cleaning your carpets, when your health and the health of your indoor environment are at risk?

What If You’d Like Your Carpets Wet Cleaned?

You’ll find that your carpets can be cleaned anytime of the year, and in many cases will be dry or nearly dry before we leave the job.

If you could have cleaner carpets without the risk of mold, mildew, or toxic chemicals, wouldn’t it make sense to use me as your Mount Shasta Carpet Cleaner?

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