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Permanent marker stain removal

Permanent Marker Stain Removal

When cleaning carpets, I’ve often been asked about permanent marker stain removal from floors, walls, and upholstery.

Why is it that young children, and some teens as well, have an affinity for writing with permanent markers or dry erase markers on furniture and walls, and sometimes event the carpets?

When trying to remove permanent marker, it is critical that you don’t set the stain by using the wrong spot remover or cleaning solution to attempt the task.

Believe it or not, on of the best and simplest remedies for removing a permanent marker stain is probably in your medicine cabinet!


What about natural products?

Permanent Market Stain RemovalThere is a multilevel marketing company, ( I know, they call themselves a consumer direct marketing company, but they are still really MLM) that offers a product that will remove permanent marker stains, claiming it’s the power of the tea tree oil in the product. For the most part, that’s baloney! Tea tree oil does have solvent properties, but it only works partially to remove a marker stain.

The real chemical tool that work on permanent marker stain removal is rubbing alcohol, or denatured alcohol. Yup! Lowly rubbing alcohol that still costs about fifty or seventy-five cents a bottle at the market may be the quickest remedy to remove that spot. The addition of a potassium soap like Green Soap acts to help lift the spot or emulsify it, and the tea tree oil may help with dissolving the spot.

Really, the best spotter for a permanent marker is Rubbing Alcohol.

So, here are the basic steps to remove a permanent marker stain.

1) Check to see of the upholstery can be wet cleaned.

Check for bleeding of the colors also, and the same for an oriental, wool, or area rug. Rubbing Alcohol can cause colors to run in a non-fixed dyed item.

2) Rubbing Alcohol

Unlike other solvents, rubbing alcohol will not break down latex backings on carpet, so although you still need to dry the carpet as thoroughly as possible, allowing the rubbing alcohol to penetrate the backing is not harmful.

3) Apply Rubbing alcohol to your towel

Apply Rubbing alcohol to your towel and using your tamping brush, tap the stain into the towel. Repeat the process until the stain comes out.

4) Finish cleaning the spot with a spotting solution

Clean the spot with a professional quality carpet spotter, or continue the cleaning process with your carpet cleaning machine or hot water extractor.

5) For more instructions on permanent marker stain removal , follow the instructions on this page

I am here to help

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