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That Lipstick Stain must go! remove lipstick from carpet and chairs

Your Lipstick Stain Remedy

Most of the time you have no idea where that lipstick stain came from, or maybe one of your children got into your cosmetics bag. It doesn’t matter, all you want now is a way to remove the stain.

I went to a clients home once to find a carpet that looked as though Jackson Pollack had done one of his famous eclectic paintings and used the white carpet as a canvas. The clients 2 year old had discovered mom’s cosmetics in her purse on the bed.

The two year old then proceeded to pour burgundy nail polish all over the carpet, and then drew on the carpet with matching lipstick.

Although credit is due for the child’s brilliant use of color coordinated elements, and keen sense of modern art methods, the resulting scene was an artistic disaster. Several hours later, and a bill to match, the carpet was nearly restored except for two small reddish spots near the dresser, where the bulk of the nail polish had been poured out.

If you ever have large quantities of nail polish spilled or poured out on your carpet, call in a professional, and hope for the best. It can be a very difficult, labor intensive, chemical and time consuming process.

Lipstick contains several things that make removal with plain old soap and water difficult. The three most troubling ingredients are an oil base , a wax, and finely ground pigments. To effectively deal with the stain, all three need to be attacked.


Rather than driving the lipstick stain farther into the carpet, you’ll want to use a dry solvent spotter on a paper towel. If you contact me I can arrange to have a non-volatile solvent sent to you at a reasonable cost.

You’ll also need a terry cloth towel or some paper towels, and a little water. The best method of removal is to use a tamping brush, and a damp terry cloth towel. Dampen the towel with a little water, wring out any water so the towel is just damp. Apply the volatile dry solvent to the towel, and place it over the lipstick stain. Then, using your tamping brush, use a tapping motion on the towel to blot the lipstick out of the carpet or upholstery.

If you are using paper towels, a tamping brush would destroy the paper towel. Dampen the towel with water, then apply the solvent and gently BLOT the stain into the paper towel. The paper towel will usually be less effective at removing large or deeply imbedded stains.

Be sure to use the contact form if you live in northern California and need a carpet cleaner to help with lipstick stain removal Or if you have any other questions on removing a lipstick stain.

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