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Ink Stain Removal – removing ink stains from carpet and upholstery

Ink Stain Removal

Ink Stain Removal can be a challenge, but I am here to help as much as possible. Most often it’s the children in a house that create a need for quick ink stain removal, but adults are prone to accidents as well.

There are several types of ink stains to contend with, and they all have their challenges.

Getting ink on your carpets or upholstery can be costly, and time consuming.

Perhaps the biggest challenge with an ink stain is using the wrong treatment to get rid of it.

You are far better off letting a professional remove the spot for you than to remove it yourself with whatever you happen to have in the closet of under the kitchen sink

When removing an ink stain, as a homeowner the solutions are limited, and although I cover in detail how a carpet cleaning pro might remove the ink stain, if the basic solutions available to you as a homeowner don’t help, then stop and call in a pro.

Find out if they know what they are doing, or if they plan on sending out the newest kid on their team, ( he’s really a nice kid, and he’s been with them for two weeks now, but he doesn’t have a clue about professional carpet cleaning)feather-pen-ink400px

Fountain Pen or Stamp Pad Ink.


I wish I had a picture of my sons leg this week. He’s six, and managed to get into the stamp pad ink that we use for endorsing checks for deposit. His hands and leg were stained blue and purple, and he had tried to wipe it off ( on paper towels thankfully) and wash it with soap and water. Guess what? It hardly budged.

The liquid ink contains pigments that are held together with chemical binders, and using the wrong solvent can dissolve the binding chemical and create a permanent stain in your carpet or furniture. Do you know what kind of solvent you are trying to use? When attempting to use a solvent, always start with a non-volatile dry solvent..(NVDS) If you don’t know whether your solvent is NVDS then call for help. please remember that these instructions are for informational purposes only

So, the steps for this kind of ink, as a homeowner.


1) Blot up any excess with a dry towel.

Blot does not mean rub, scrub, or agitate. You can expedite the blotting process using a tamping brush. If you don’t have a tamping brush, contact me to get one. You will need one for most spot and stain removal. Ask you carpet cleaning professional if he has one, if not get buy him one for his next visit to your home.

2) After the spot has been blotted,

…apply a light coat of your spot remover to a towel, and apply it gently to the ink spot. Mist lightly with water from your trigger sprayer and blot again, or extract it lightly with your carpet cleaner. Don’t soak or rinse the sot at this time, you are only trying to vacuum or blot up the ink remover.


3) Continue repeating this step

Continue repeating this step until either no more ink transfers to the towel, or until you don’t see any more ink spot.



As a homeowner or business person, stop here.


I am partial to certain chemical brands for carpet cleaning, and I know from personal experience how many of them perform, I sold chemicals for a chemical supplier to the carpet cleaning industry in Tempe Arizona, and I have used most of the brands out there during my nearly 20 years in the business.

Many of the cleaning solutions I mention in these pages are from a handful of companies in the business, because I like them and know they work. The chemicals I mention for ink stain removal are no exception.




Warning!…, this section is for the pros, homeowners call in your carpet cleaner here. I am providing the information so you can know the steps your professional will use, and so carpet cleaners can find the information on how to to remove the stain for you.

Carpet Cleaning professionals are accustomed to applying solvents to carpet and upholstery stains. They know that over soaking some materials can cause the latex backing to dissolve, destroying or permanently damaging the carpets or upholstery, especially during an ink stain removal job.

Solvents can also remove and dissolve some types of dye, and may have a bleaching action on some materials. Solvents can cause flash fires, and the vapors can harm your lungs, eyes, and mucous membranes.

Solvents cannot be introduced into your city sewer or septic, because they pollute wastewater and groundwater supplies. There are strict regulations regarding their use and disposal.

Solvents can cause cancer and skin damage if used improperly.

How to remove an ink stain, ink stain removal for the professional carpet cleaner.


As a professional, use the above steps for ink stain removal, using Paint Ink and Grease Remover (PIG) as your (NVDS) or Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover( POG).

4) Apply a volatile dry solvent,

Apply a volatile dry solvent, like Solvent Clean, or All-Solv. Follow immediately with a dry extraction.

5) Alternate between Paint, Oil, and Grease Remover and Solvent Clean

Alternate between NVDS and Solvent Clean with dry extraction between solutions. Keep going until the spot is removed. Remember to be cautious with overdoing the solvent, soaking the carpet may damage the backing, especially during an ink stain removal job.

6) When the spot has been completely removed,

When the spot has been completely removed, then use your general or all purpose spotter, use a spotting brush and tamp the fibers to agitate them, don’t scrub.

Rinse the spot with water from your machine, and then mist with an acid rinse to neutralize the spot and reduce the chance of browning or residue from the ink stain removal process.


For Instructions on Permanent Marker Stain Removal Click here

Have you discovered a great stain removal method, or heard of someone else having success or trouble with a really bad stain or odor?


One time, a client called to say that the baby had gotten into a bottle of nail polish, and gotten some on their white carpet…when I arrived I found that the baby had dumped bright scarlet nail polish next to the nightstand, and then walked through it and out of the room, leaving a trail of nail polish footprints ten feet long….I could tell you all about thhours to remove most of the stain,


Feel free to contact me for ink stain removal questions or supplies

I love to talk about carpet and upholstery cleaning, and would love to answer your questions or help you find the chemicals or equipment you need. Drop me a not with my contact form. I look forward to hearing from you.

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