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environmentally friendly rugs and cleaning solutions

A Professional Carpet Cleaner will use products help you have environmentally friendly rugs whenever possible.

Would you like to have environmentally friendly rugs in your home?

Besides the usual route of replacing all of your carpets with natural fiber rugs with Jute backings, you can help the environment by keeping your current rugs clean and make them last a lifetime.

Keeping your nylon, olefin, or polyester rugs clean and healthy, extending their useful life, and keeping them free of dirt, pollen, allergens, and pollutants can help keep them out of a landfill for many more years to come.

As the world considers the issues of global warming or global cooling, the issues of pollution and carbon credits, you can help stay out of the fray. You can encourage your carpet and upholstery cleaners to keep their waste products out of the gutter, and to use environmentally friendly products.

rugs-outside-300pxWhen hiring a carpet cleaner, you can ask them if they consider themselves among the environmentally friendly companies in your area, and if they use safer cleaning solutions. These days, there are more and more “green products” available to the professional carpet cleaner for maintaining your environmentally friendly rugs and upholstery.

Not too many years ago, as the chemical companies were forced by government restrictions to reformulate their products, carpet and upholstery cleaning companies and clients suffered through some really disappointing results. The chemicals lost some of their performance without the addition of certain volatile solvents, brighteners, and carcinogenic chemicals.

Thankfully, the industry has been able to develop some awesome new technology that cleans as well as some of the products that were once abundant on suppliers shelves.

Environmentally Friendly and Green Cleaning Solutions

Key Chemical providers for the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry have started producing some extremely effective professional cleaners with environmentally friendly formulations.

These green friendly cleaners are readily available to professional cleaners both in their local suppliers retail locations, as well as from respected and trusted online distributors and manufacturers.

The “green” cleaners are designed to work efficiently while protecting the health of the environment and your home or business, as well as the people and animals exposed to the cleaners. The ultimate goal of these cleaners is to create more environmentally friendly carpets, or to maintain green materials in their non-toxic state.

When questioning a prospective cleaner, ask them to use green cleaning solutions when cleaning your carpets, and tell them you’d like to create a healthy environment in your home or business, and that you’d like more environmentally friendly rugs from now on.

I’d love to help you find environmentally friendly rugs and cleaning products

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