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Website Design

I’d love to help you develop a professional carpet cleaning website that works to build your business and online presence. I’ll build the pages and structure the site that you’ll fill in with all of your details.

You’ll get

  • a main page
  • an about me / about us page
  • a residential services page for each of your primary services (up to 5 categories
  • a commercial┬áservices page for each of your primary services (up to 5 categories)
  • contact and location page
  • full control and ownership of both your domain, and control of your hosting (domain is the address, (i.e. and your hosting is where your website pages and information are┬ástored on the internet)

I’ll meet with you personally to set up the details if you are local (within 100 miles), otherwise I’ll meet with you on Skype.

I take payment by PayPal, and will accept half the fees up front before the job begins, and the other half when the job is complete.

After your website is finished, I’ll show you how to use the back end of your website so that you can add new content, specials, photos, and other updates.

I’ll show you how to take advantage of the 24/7/365 Live Phone/Chat/ and email support that’s included with your website hosting.

I’ll provide you with links to easy to follow video guides that show you step by step how to make updates to your site.



How much will this all cost?

Most websites can be built for just $550.00 (USD) and you can have a professional web presence within a week in most cases.

Are there any other costs?

Yes. You will be renewing your domain name each year for around 15.95 a year, and your hosting will cost 7.16 a month on a month to month plan, or 5.56 a month on a yearly plan,( based on January 2015 prices). Your first year of hosting is included in your website purchase.

Have you built any other websites?

Yes! Quite a few, but here’s just a few to sample





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