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Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

You’ll find here our residential carpet cleaning prices. We’ve packaged our services this way to help you get the best value, and be able to compare services across the board.

Our carpet cleaning service is great for folks moving into or out of vacant homes, but all of our carpet cleaning services are for clients who would like to have their cleaning last the longest.

Wouldn’t You Like Cleaner Carpets?

Why would you want to choose Cleaner Carpet and Upholstery this time?Now offered in Northern California,
a natural choice for your home or business.

    • Northern California’s Stain Removal Specialist
    • Red Stains? Wine Stains? Coffee or Plant Stains? I can remove them!
    • No Sticky Residue from dry chemical cleaning, carbonation, or shampooing.
    • Fast Dry Times ! Any time of year,
    • We use 100% Cotton pads on our unique oscillating machine
    • We use 100% safe, non-toxic,
      biodegradable, environmentally friendly cleaners.
    • Low odor cleaning available , no added fragrances (unless you request them!)
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Carpet Cleaning

Ask for our “Pleased or You Don’t Pay” Guarantee
.25 to .60 a sq foot based on

  • carpet type,
  • empty or furnished rooms,
  • business, rental, or residential cleaning,
  • and condition and soiling of the carpet or furniture.
Stairs 2.00 each
Landings .25 sf
Carpet Protector / Stain Resist .15 a square foot
Furniture Moving
(in room only)
one or several items usually free, medium to heavily furnished prices start at 10.00 per room and up. Blocked and tabbed where necessary at no additional charge.

Oriental Rugs and Runners

2.00 per square foot and up

Furniture Cleaning

Sofas and Loveseats 15.00-25.00 per foot / Fabric Protector $10-15.00 additional
Recliners 45.00 / Fabric Protector $7.50 to $10 additional
Overstuffed Chairs 45.00 / Fabric Protector $7.50 to $10 additional
Dining Chairs (DC) see below
seat only (DC) 7.00-15.00
seat and back (DC) 12-25.00
fabric protector 5.00 per chair

Carpet Repairs

Restretch Carpet 8.00 per yard / .88 sf
($65 min charge)
Repair Seams 2.00 per foot /or a 15.00 min charge
small patch $25.00 each

Contact James after reviewing our carpet cleaning prices,

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