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Chocolate stain removal from your carpet and upholstery

Chocolate Stain Removal


Chocolate stain removal from your carpet and upholstery can be a tough job, but don’t worry, this page should answer most of your questions and help you to get the stain out and leave everything cleaner. The chocolate may have been sweet, but the chocolate stain may only be a bittersweet memory by this time tomorrow.

One of the reasons that the stains from chocolate can be so tough to get out, is because chocolate contains more than one cleaning challenge.

Besides chocolate containing natural dyes from the cocoa pods, it may also contain varying amounts of artificial colors, oils from milk or cream, and sugar.

Why won’t soap and water alone remove chocolate stains usually?

Because of the various ingredients, like food dyes, sugar, dairy products, waxes, and oils, each type of stain removal may need to be dealt with individually.

hot chocalate where it belongs

Hot Chocolate On the Carpet -the right way


***Follow these instructions for chocolate stain removal at your own risk

The following remedy is for information purposes only, use it at your own risk.

By following the instructions, you understand that you assume all liability for any and all outcomes, including but not limited to damages to fabrics, carpets, or furnishings.

Cleaning solutions you’ll need for chocolate stain removal


Homemade Version:

  •  Vinegar or Ascorbic Acid Powder ( Vitamin C Crystals) mixed one teaspoon dissolved in a pint of water(available at health food stores, pharmacies, and some supermarkets
  •  Borax, one tablespoon to a pint of water dissolved( available in the laundry aisle in your supermarket)
  •  Oxygen Bleach per label instructions( available in the laundry aisle look for Oxiclean or Clorox Oxygen Action brands)Professional Version
  • Tannin, Coffee, Urine remover ( TCU)
  • Protein Spotter
  • Coffee Stain Remover


The tools you’ll need for Chocolate Stain Removal


  • A Carpet Cleaning Machine, either Truck Mounted or Portable Unit, or a carpet spotting machine.
  • Carpet Cleaning Wand and Upholstery Tool
  • Tamping Brush and Towels
  • Bone scraper ( a small smooth edged finger sized tool, a dull butter knife or the handle end of a plastic spatula/bowl scraper would work in a pinch)
  • Spray Bottle/ Trigger Sprayer


The Chocolate Stain Removal Process

Brownies, delicious but difficult to remove from carpets

Brownies, delicious but difficult to remove from carpets

If you are renting a carpet cleaning unit from the store, you will want to rent the upholstery tool for this job.

If you are trying to remove the spot from your furniture, make sure that the fabric can be water or “wet cleaned”.

If you don’t know, look for a label, test in an inconspicuous spot, or call in a pro! Maybe all three.

Important! Do not scrub your carpets with anything! Scrubbing can destroy the fibers and leave permanent damage to your carpet.


Step #1

You want to flush the spot thoroughly with water. Get a pitcher of warm clear water, and with the upholstery tool on the spot and the carpet cleaner machine turned on, pour a gentle and steady of stream of water around the outside of the stain. Allow the machine to vacuum up the water!


Step #2

Apply the vinegar, OR Ascorbic Acid, or TCU to the affected areas. We’ll call this the acid solution for the rest of the instructions.

Step #3

Use the tamping brush and white cotton towel to tamp the spot in to the towel.

Tamping is the process of using a tamping brush in a tapping or rapid up and down motion on the towel that covers the treated spot.

The process draws the stain into the towels fibers and out of the carpet or upholstery, without unraveling the carpet fibers.


Step #4

Allow the acid solution to sit on the stain for two or three minutes. Go get yourself a drink of water or your favorite beverage, just don’t spill it on the carpet while you wait…J Then come back to finish the chocolate stain removal process.

Step #5

Using your upholstery tool or carpet cleaning wand, rinse the spot with water, no soap or detergent yet! You will short circuit your spot removal.

Step #6

If the spot still remains, apply the Coffee Stain Remover or Oxiclean according to label instructions. Allow recommended time for the solution to work, then rinse with water using your upholstery tool or carpet cleaning wand.


Step #7

Mix ¼ cup of Protein Spotter with 2 tablespoons of Coffee Stain Remover in eight ounces of very hot water and then shake vigorously. Test the colorfastness of the carpet or upholstery in an unnoticeable location. Mist the Protein Spotter/ Coffee Stain Remover Solution directly on the stain. Make sure it is applied heavily.


Step #8

Using a very damp, just short of dripping wet, white cotton towel and a steam iron set on the lowest steam setting, steam the stain and spotting solution, lifting the towel frequently to check for any color loss or color change.

Step #9

Thoroughly rinse the spot with water using your upholstery tool or carpet cleaning wand. If this last chocolate stain removal steaming did not fully remove the chocolate, you can repeat the solution/steam step as needed. The protein spotter/ coffee stain remover mix will not store, so discard any unused solution.



As the owner of cleaner carpet and upholstery,

I love to answer questions you might have about carpet cleaning and finding the right cleaner for your home or business. Feel free to contact me, James Beane, I’m here to help.


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