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Candle Wax Removal, candle wax stain removal made quick and easy

Candle Wax Removal

When it comes to candle wax removal, your local carpet cleaner may wish you weren’t reading this right now.

You see, carpet cleaners often charge thirty or forty dollars to remove your hardened candle wax from the carpet, and you can do it yourself.

If you have a steam iron and a terry cloth towel, (and I also highly recommend having an incredible stain remover handy) in just a few minutes that wax will be out of your carpet for good.

So here’s what you will need.

  • A clean terry cloth towel, (preferably one that you won’t ever need again)
  • A steam iron, the kind used to iron your shirts and skirts
  • HomePro Spot and Stain Remover. (this is the same spotter that professionals use, but bottled for consumers)

This is very simple, you’ll kick yourself if you have ever paid for candle wax removal.

  1. Plug in your steam iron, and set it to the lowest steam setting. This is usually about halfway on the dial.
  2. Soak your terry cloth towel in water, and then wring it out to just short of dripping wet.
  3. Open up the wet towel, and place it on the wcandle-dripax spot.
  4. Put the hot iron on the wet towel, and every ten or fifteen seconds, check to see if the wax has been removed from the carpet.
  5. Keep the towel very wet, but not dripping. Its what keeps you from melting or burning your carpet.
  6. Apply the Home Pro Spotter to the area, and then blot the excess with your damp towel.

What happened to the wax? Most of it has been absorbed into the towel. This little trick is worth a small fortune for some. Now, you may never need to call another carpet cleaner out for your candle wax stain removal needs again.

The best thing to have around for your spots and spills, and candle wax removal is a complete Home Pro Cleaning Kit.

A cleaning essentials kit has the towels and solutions for your windows, floors, carpets and furniture, and for a very reasonable cost can save your hundreds of dollars every year, as well as help to keep things looking nice a lot longer between service calls from your carpet cleaner.

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