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Blood Stain Removal

Blood Stain Removal

For fast and easy blood stain removal tips, you’ve found the right page!

I’ve installed rugs and cleaned carpets and upholstery for over 25 years, and while installing I’ve accidently gotten a few drops of blood on the carpet. ( Cut fingers and scraped knuckles are very common)

While carpet cleaning I’ve removed blood from pets, childrens bloody noses, one crime scene (after the case was settled), and numerous minor household accidents.

I can guarantee you that your best tools for removing blood stains from carpets and furniture will be the same cleaning solutions I have used for years.

HomePro Spot and Stain Remover, and HomePro Pet Spotter are two such solutions.
No matter what the cause, the easiest way to do a blood stain removal is when the stain is still fresh. Once blood has dried on your carpets or furniture it becomes more difficult to remove.

Try one of these two methods to get the spots out, if both fail be sure to call your professional carpet cleaning company.

The Easy Method

blood stain removal tips

The easiest method is to have on hand both the HomePro Spot And Stain Remover, and the HomePro Pet Spotter. Of course, you’ll also want to have a terry cloth towel and a HandiGroom brush. Here’s the list:

Here’s the instructions for the first method of blood stain removal:

  1. using the spatula end of the HandiGroom brush, gently scrape away any remaining or excess blood, or dried blood.
  2. generously applying HomePro Spot And Stain Remover, blot the stain. If you are trying to remove dried blood, allow the HomePro spot and stain remover to soften the dried blood for a minute or two.
  3. you can use the brush side of your HandiGroom brush in a tapping motion on your terry cloth towel placed over the spot to help remove blood stain. If all of the blood is not removed you’ll want to try using your HomePro Pet Spotter.
  4. if the HomePro Pet Spotter fails to completely remove the blood spot by itself, try misting a little sudsy ammonia on the spot along with their HomePro Pets Spotter solution.

Pet Stain and Odor Removers Available at Groom Industries

The More Difficult Method

If you’d like to try using some ingredients commonly found around your home, then the second method of blood stain removal is for you. Here’s the list:

  • 1 teaspoon of liquid dish detergent mixed with 8 ounces of warm water (do not use Dawn or Joy, they will leave a residue. Both are fantastic for dishes but not so good for spotting carpets)
  • Sudsy ammonia
  • Clear white vinegar
  • Terry cloth towel
  • A clean sponge

Heres the instructions for the second method for blood stain removal using household items

  1. Scrape or Blot the excess blood
  2. Apply some of the dish detergent solution using a damp towel
  3. Blot the spot, apply more detergent solution if neccesary, then blot again
  4. Apply undiluted ammonia using a damp towel
  5. Aplly undiluted clear white vinegar
  6. Blot the spot, but do not rub or scrub, as you may damage the fibers or fabric
  7. Apply clear water using the sponge to rinse the spot
  8. Blot the excess moisture from the spot
  9. Finish with a weighted pad of towels until dry

Use HomePro Spotting Solutions
to Get the Stain Out Fast

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HomePro Perky Spotter is the fastest and simplest method for removing your spills and stains every time. Follow the instructions above, and get the results you need in the least time, using safer products. As a professional carpet cleaner, I’ve used the very same spot and stain removers and gotten excellent results every single time, you will too.

Here’s why you should try them

  • HomePro products work fast, and they’re made for cleaning water safe fabrics, and they are safe for you and your home.
  • HomePro makes cleaners for every area of your home and business. They are the same cleaners that professionals all over the USA and parts of Europe and Australia have used for years.
  • HomePro Professional cleaning supplies are economical, most are concentrated so you’ll save money on the products and the shipping. They’ll also save you time and expensive service calls for spot treatments you can now do yourself.
  • They smell great. Clean, refreshing, light scents that won’t overwhelm your senses or chase you out of a room. Your HomePro Pet Stain Cleaning Kit contains everything you’ll need to get started cleaning your home. ( It even comes with  2 bottles of HomePro Pet Spotter in case you need to do blood stain removal in a few places. Order your Cleaning Kit here )

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