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Best Carpet Stain Remover

Best Carpet Stain Remover

When you are looking to get the best carpet stain remover, what should you look for? Perhaps the first question you should ask is “what do professional carpet cleaners use?” and then look for products made for and by professional cleaning companies.


There are several popular spot and stain removers on the market, but in general you can divide them into two classes.

The first type is for most common spot and stain problems, the second would be for more difficult spots where odors or dyes might be involved.

Stain Remover Product Review

The best stain remover should work on carpets, upholstery, and auto carpets and upholstery. It should be free rinsing, or even better, require no rinsing at all, and it shouldn’t leave a sticky residue behind. Sticky residues only cause the spot to “reappear”. It should be safe to use on any fabric that is safe to clean with water.

If you have a spot and you don’t know what it is, this would be the first type to try. Watch out for the common brands found on supermarket shelves, most of them are loaded with soap and optical brighteners.

Some optical brighteners have been found to cause cancer, yet they are still used in laundry soap and carpet cleaning solutions sold to consumers at the store. Very few if any professional carpet cleaning solutions are allowed to contain optical brighteners Good uses for a professional carpet stain remover are for food, grease, oil, and beverage spills, as well as any unknown spots or stains. If you purchase from this link I’ll earn a small commission.

Best Carpet Stain Remover
for Most Stains
, including Pet Stains, Wine Stains, Juice, and older stains that wont come out.


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