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Spilled Beer? Remove the stain

Beer Stain Removal. Stain Cleaning the easy way. Beer Cleaning

Beer Stain Removal

Beer stain removal can be really easy with the correct tools and solutions.

Let’s go through the most difficult method of beer stain removal first. You most likely have what you need right there in your home, so while it may take a little more effort, you should still get pretty good results.

You’ll need a mild detergent solution, in a pinch a little mild dish soap would work. Some white household ammonia, and a some white vinegar.

Here’s the list

  • 1 teaspoon dish detergent
    (do not use Joy or Dawn, they are way too soapy, and will leave a residue on fabrics. Both are made for dishes, and work awesome to clean dishes, not carpets or furniture, and also make fantastic soap bubbles for kids to blow!)
  • Undiluted, unscented, white ammonia
  • Undiluted White or Clear stain
  • A clean sponge

Here’s the Instructions

1.If the beer has just been spillled, blot up as much as possible, and then apply the detergent to a white paper towel or preferably a terry cloth towel. Use this towel to apply the detergent to the stain.

2.Blot the spot with the towel.

3.Use a towel to apply ammonia to the spill. Again, don’t pour it on directly, use a plain white towel to blot the ammonia on to the stain.

4.Repeat the procedure with vinegar.

5.Blot some more, don’t rub, scrub, or otherwise damage your carpet.

6.Apply clear water with the sponge.

7.Put a pad of dry towels over the spot and weight it down to absorb the moisture.

8.Remove the towels and allow to dry, or repeat as necessary.

The simple way to do a beer stain removal.

You’ll need HomePro Spot and Stain Remover, a HandiGroom or a WhizGroom brush, and a clean terry cloth towel.

Here’s the list

This is the method of choice. The odors of the other method may remind you of the aroma of salad dressing combined with window cleaner and floor cleaners from the janitorial closet.

Here’s the Instructions

This is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Apply HomePro Spotter directly to your carpet, or if you rug is an oriental, Persian, or natural fiber apply the HomePro Spotter to a clean towel first, then as above, apply it to the stain. Always apply the HomePro Spot and Stain Remover to a towel when using it on upholstery stains, and check your fabrics in an inconspicuous place first to test for bleeding or water staining.


  • Agitate the spot gently with the towel, or tap the towel over the stain with your grooming brush to transfer the stain from the spot into the towel.




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