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Carpet Spot Cleaners for Home or Business

Carpet Spot Cleaners

Your Spotting Kit

Spotting kits should contain a simple array of tools and carpet spot cleaners. Like any other job, having the proper tools makes the job easier.

Every home and business should have these basic tools handy, and I recommend having them conveniently stored in a plastic toolbox or fishing tackle box available at most hardware stores. The toolbox or tackle box should have an enclosed tray for helping to keep things organized.

The Tools

1) Terry Cloth Towels:

Plain White spotting channels are a must-have. You can buy a large bundles of them at some auto parts stores or Costco in the tools aisle, and many janitorial supply companies carry them also. You’ll want to have at least three clean towels in your toolbox for every spotting job.

Professional Spotting Kit

2) Rubber Gloves

At your hardware store you can get for just a few dollars a good set of chemical resistant gloves. It’s important to get a good set of gloves because common dishwashing gloves may not stand up to the various spotting agents you use. Also, remember that using gloves is important because many spotting solutions strip out oil and greases common to a broad variety of spots and stains.

3) Spotting Spatula

A spotting spatula is a small plastic, bone, or metal tool with a smooth edges and a rounded tip, and it’s usually about the size of a small finger. This is the tool of choice for agitating the fibers that you have treated with your carpet spot cleaners, and it helps to break up any hard particles or residues.

4) Tamping Brush

A tamping brush has very short bristles usually on a wooden or plastic handle and is meant to be used not for scrubbing, but in a tapping or up and down motion.

Tamping is a process of treating your spot with carpet spot cleaners and a terry cloth towel over the spot, tapping firmly on the towel to work a spotting agent into the stain without spreading it or distorting the carpet fibers.

5) Duckbill Scissors

During the cleaning or spotting process, and often times in traffic areas, carpet fibers can become damaged or burned. They can also be damaged by cigarette burns or ashes from a stove or fireplace. Duckbill shears are the best for removing the tips of the fibers or any burned fibers because of their handles being angled to the cutting blades. It provides level trimming of the carpet.

6) Trigger Sprayers

Either you can save the mist bottles from your cleaning solutions, or preferably purchase new spray bottles that can be labeled clearly. These are nearly indispensable for treating large or small areas with carpet spot cleaners, deodorizers, and even some carpet protectors.

7) Cotton Swabs

You probably are to have these in your medicine cabinet, most often folks use the common brand name “Q-Tips” You’ll want to use these for applying very small amounts of cleaning chemicals. They fit nicely in the top tray of your toolbox.

8) Spotting Bottles

I really like the fliptop type spotting bottle. These are those bottles with the plastic screw on lids that have a little spout that flips up. In a pinch, you can also use a small plastic water bottle with a pull top spout. Use these for the careful application of your carpet spot cleaners.

9) Inspection Lights

There are two types of spotting lights were inspection lights that you may want to have on hand.

One type of light is a bright source of white light, the best is probably a handheld halogen flashlight. Incandescent lights and carpeting are a combination that have more than once cause large-scale damage. Carpet spots and stains have become carpet repairs in a matter of seconds.

The second kind of light you may want is a blacklight or ultraviolet lamp. These are used to examine carpet and upholstery for dog and cat urine damage.

You will also need a good selection of carpet spot cleaners and solutions. Use this link to contact me.

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