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Carpet Cleaning Questions

Why ask these 9 carpet cleaning questions? If you’ll ask your carpet cleaning company these questions next time you need your carpets cleaned, it could save you a fortune.

Your carpets just may be the cleanest they’ve been since they were new.

1) What’s included in your pre-inspection process? Do you perform a carpet audit, and what can your technician and I learn from the pre-inspection?

2.) Do you give quotes or estimates and why?

3.) Where do your cleaning chemicals come from, and are they environmentally friendly?

If there is any waste water, where do you plan on disposing of the waste water?

questions-225pxThis may be one of the most expensive carpet cleaning questions that people fail to ask. If you or your cleaner are found liable, it could cost you thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees.

Know This!

In nearly every city or town in the USA it is illegal to dump waste water in the street now.

This has been rapidly changing over the last few years, and municipalities are becoming more stringent on enforcement.

Waste water can carry all kinds of disease causing bacteria, and chemicals that can pollute waterways and groundwater drinking supplies. It can dangerously encourage the growth of bacteria in ponds, lakes, and streams.

4.) What sort of guarantee do you offer, and can I have a copy of it in writing?

5.) Do you pre-vacuum every job? What sort of vacuum do you use, and what type do you recommend for home or business use?

6.) Some companies charge for moving furniture, what sorts of items do you charge to move, and what items are included in your price?

7.) Is there a charge for pre-spraying or pre-treating carpets and traffic areas? What is the cost?

8.) How do you charge for stain removal. Is there any additional charges for difficult stains or spots.

9.) What can I expect the technician to do while he is in my home or business? This is somewhat of a summary of all the carpet cleaning questions, a “short-list” if you like.

Will he perform a pre-inspection?

Will I have a firm price quotation before any equipment is set up or tasks performed?

Where will the technician be disposing of the waste water or chemicals?

All your work is guaranteed, right?

You do pre-vacuum? Do you move furniture for free?

Do you offer stain removal services?

Is “scotchgard” type protector applied after cleaning, and is it included in your price?

Does your company groom the carpets after cleaning? If you want a thorough cleaning done by an IICRC certified firm, you will pay a little more than another less skilled or less professional firm might charge.

By using a non-certified firm, your carpets will not have been treated in a manner that will give you maximum use, pleasure, and an extended carpet life.

Without this type of service, you can expect to at least cut five to seven years off of the life of your carpets. In real dollars, that can add up to thousands of dollars in savings or loss for you. Knowing the correct carpet cleaning questions to ask can save you a small fortune.

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