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Carpet Cleaning Pictures

Carpet Cleaning Pictures, before and after cleaning

I wanted to share some of my carpet cleaning pictures from before and after cleaning them. These are from jobs we’ve done.

Your results may not be exactly the same, but every single job will be done with the best results in mind, and with an eye to detail. I want you to be completely satisfied with any work we might do for you.


Apartment 26

Apartment 26 was in such poor condition, the managers considered tearing out the carpets downstairs, and they wondered if the black filth in the rugs could be removed.

Carpet cleaners are probably wondering what chemicals and tools I used to get these results, so for their benefit I’ll tell. I used Flex from Bridgepoint, Dry Slurry from Prochem, and All Fiber Rinse from Bridgepoint to neutralize the carpets after cleaning and prior to grooming.

The carpets were pre-vacuumed, pre-treated and scrubbed with an OPS machine and cotton pad from Challenger systems, and then extracted using a Mytee Speedster 1003DX portable extractor.


Cleaning Dirty Apartment Carpets

carpet cleaning before pictures



Red Stain Removal

This is a really nasty red stain also from Apt 26. This took 15 minutes to remove using heat transfer with Pro’s Choice Red Relief and a steam iron.



Another Red Stain removed

The third week of April 2013 I was back in Apartment 26, after the recent tenants moved out, and worked on this new red stain.

I took a couple of new carpet cleaning pictures, and you can see the difference. There is still a very faint red tinge on the spot that most likely faded away completely as the carpet dried and the red stain removing solution continued to work for the next hour or two.

I do not recommend that you try to remove red stains on your own. A professional carpet cleaner will spend a small fortune on cleaning chemicals while in business, and this particular solution is fairly expensive. Although it costs quite a bit, nothing else comes close to achieving the same results.

If you have a Kool-Aid stain, spilled tylenol syrup, or perhaps a frozen juice bar that left a stain, let me take it out for you during the next cleaning. I charge $15-$20 for a spot this size, or I can patch it with a matching piece of carpet for $35-$45 dollars.

Look for more Cleaning Pictures to come. If you have any spot removal needs, I highly recommend the products you can find from HomePro By Design, and you can more Carpet Cleaning Pictures and How to Videos for all your cleaning needs


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