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Carpet Cleaner in Fort Jones, Etna, Yreka, Mount Shasta.

The Best Carpet Cleaner for You?


A professional carpet cleaner is the best choice for homes that don’t want any strong chemical odors during or after the cleaning process.

If you want your carpets drying quickly without harsh residues after they are cleaned, then there is no finer cleaning process available.

We clean carpets in Northern California, from the Redding area, north through Siskiyou County up to the little hamlet of Hilt. Whether homes in Yreka, or commercial carpet cleaning in Mount Shasta, the dirt in your carpets can be removed quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

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Never Get Soaked Again!


 soaked carpets

The single biggest and most common complaints regarding carpet cleaning in this area, are extended drying times associated with Steam Cleaning companies that over wet the carpeting.


That’s why I started Cleaner Carpets! Cleaner Carpets strives to provide you with fast drying times and no residue cleaning. We want to be your carpet cleaner in Northern California.


Safer Cleaners eliminate concerns over the health and safety of your pets or children.

Cleaner Carpets is able to provide you with a much needed alternative to the sticky or crunchy textures left by some Dry Chem cleaners, and the toxic chemical solutions laden with known carcinogens.

Cleaner Carpets uses natural and non-toxic cleaners whenever possible or requested. In fact, 90% of all carpet cleaning we do can be accomplished with green cleaners that are environmentally friendly.

It’s well known in the cleaning field, that the two main causes of major illness for Carpet Cleaning professionals are Cancer and Heart Disease. ( A lot of carpet cleaners love fast food and sodas)

Switching to organic natural cleaners may not prevent a heart attack, but for you, your children, family, and pets, as well as for the carpet cleaning technician, environmentally friendly cleaners are a better choice. You can help keep the cancer causing chemicals out of your home, business, restaurant, hotel, or motel.

The environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products are safer for the planet, your neighborhood, and your family, guests, or employees.


If you’re concerned about polluting groundwater, streams, or destroying the delicate balance of your septic system, then you’ll love the Cleaner Carpets cleaning method.


Less Hazardous Cleaning in Your home or Business


With this unique cleaning process there are fewer hoses running through your home.

You can have your carpets cleaned without leaving the door wide open for bugs, frigid winter air, snow or rain, or unwanted visitors or animals to come into your home during a carpet cleaning. You won’t have to leave the door open for several hours unattended.

Who is Cleaner Carpets?

James Beane and Son Joshua-300x225

James has over twenty years of experience cleaning carpets, installing carpets, and re-stretching and repairing them. Although Cleaner Carpets and upholstery in new to the area, you can expect the kind of quality and satisfaction that comes from hiring an experienced cleaner.

When you hire Cleaner Carpets, you can expect to see James at your front door, ready to provide you with top notch friendly service. Cleaner Carpets operates from a home office in Fort Jones, California, near the historic town of Yreka.

Being centrally located, Cleaner Carpets serves clients all the way from Redding California to the Oregon border. You will receive the same service in Fort Jones, Yreka, or Mt. Shasta, as you will in Redding.

You probably wont find me in the phone book. If you’d like to refer your friends, send them on over to this website.I love to serve clients that have been referred to me, or who I have sought out. I want to clean for the best sorts of people, people who appreciate high quality cleaning at a fair price.

The largest part of my public marketing efforts are online. Chances are you found me through this site. Smart people are using the Internet more and more to find the services they need, and

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