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Thanks for coming by! Here at Cleaner Carpets and Upholstery, we try to provide the best possible carpet cleaning information. As the owner, I’ve been cleaning carpets for 25 years and before that was a carpet installer for nearly a decade.

I started as a carpet installer’s helper for an installer from San Clemente California. We installed carpets all over Orange County, Long Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Los Angeles, primarily in the hills above UCLA, and the Beverly Hills and Hollywood areas.

Later on, I moved to Burbank, CA. and started installing carpets on my own. I worked mostly in the Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena areas. The only famous person I’ve installed carpet for was Joni Mitchell, in her home above UCLA.

I got my start in carpet cleaning when I took a job in San Francisco working for a carpet cleaning company as a cleaning tech and carpet repair person. The work was easier than installing.

Over the next 10 years I would work for a number of companies including COIT, and I learned all sorts of tricks and techniques. In 1997 I began a cleaning business in Chico, California, called RealClean Carpets. I still think that I was and am still, one of the most knowledgeable carpet cleaners you will ever find. Some of my clients think I’m a magician or miracle worker!

When I clean carpets, I use only the best cleaning solutions available. From the pre-spray to spotters, as well as the extraction cleaners and deodorizers, I buy and use only tested and carpet manufacturer approved carpet cleaning chemicals. I need to be thrilled with the results, so you too will rest assured that your carpets are clean and stay that way for as long as possible between cleanings.



It’s Not the Carpet Machinery, It’s the Operator That Counts!

In my early years, I believed that you could only get the best cleaning by using a truck mounted carpet cleaner. I was wrong. Truckmounted carpet cleaning machines are only as good as their operator, and that holds true for every other method as well. If used properly, a rug doctor, or a carpet shampooer, or the local Chem Dry franchisee, or many other cleaning services can do as well, some perhaps even better.

My dad was an aerospace engineer. He used to tell me that the first mission to the moon was completed with the computing power of about a four function calculator on board the space capsule. Imagine that! Many of us have computers on our desks, or phones in our pockets, equivalent of what would have amounted to a super computer in those days, a machine that would take up several buildings and miles of magnetic tape. What do many folks use them for? Selfies, Facebook chat, and playing solitaire. Those same computers though can solve complex problems, and relay documents, and create businesses, and act as complex business and social tools.

It’s not the machine, it’s the operator and his use of tools, chemicals, and know how to get the job done. The fastest cleaning is not always the best cleaning.

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me, and I’ll do my best to get back to you about your questions and concerns. Use the contact form on this page, or if you need to schedule a cleaning, please call to get an appointment.


James Beane




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